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What is the Automatic Z-beam Forming Machine?

Automatic Z-beam machine is professionally designed for batch production of Z-beams. It allows to do in-line punching and in-line punching of marks. It consists of the following parts: uncoiler, guiding platform, forming main machine, cutting device, motor, hydraulic station, Delta PLC control system, and discharging table. Take the following drawing profile as an example.

Main accessories.

(1) Main profile steel forming machine;

(2) 5 tons manual uncoiler;

(3) Automatic guide device;

(4) Hydraulic motor system;

(5) Touch screen PLC computer control system;

(6) Automatic hole distance adjustment device;

(7) Hydraulic pre-punching device;

(8) Hydraulic pre-cutting device

(9) Shaping device;

(10) Rib roller;

(11) Running table(10pcs);

(12) Tools;

(13) Operation manual, replacement parts diagram

(14) Free supply of 10 bearings, 1.5m chain, 10 chain connecting pins;

(15) Operation manual.

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