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What is Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

Whether glazed tile and single tile can be combined into a double-layer press tile machine, many customers in understanding the double-layer press tile machine color steel equipment at the same time, will call to raise the glazed tile equipment whether the equipment can be combined with the common equipment of the veneer into a double-layer equipment, today we will share with you some glazed tile and veneer equipment of some double-layer combination equipment.

On the market for the common 840 glazed tile / 900 models of double-layer tile press, the equipment is common in the color steel industry, a machine with three equipment, the equipment can produce roof tile 840 single board, 840 models of glazed tile and wall tile 900. reflects the advantages of double-layer color steel equipment, both save space and save costs.

In addition, 820 glazed tile press machine, 828 model glazed tile press machine and other conventional glazed tile press machine equipment can be combined with veneer equipment to form a double glazed tile press machine equipment.

This combination of the form is also a prerequisite, such as two glazed tile color steel tile press machine can not be combined, because the glazed tile equipment itself contains the pressure part and shear part, glazed tile equipment and veneer equipment combination is mainly due to the lower layer of the veneer equipment only shear part can be combined with the upper layer of equipment shear, but the pressure part are split, so the two glazed tile equipment is very difficult to combine.

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