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Tile pressing machine equipment operation specification

  1. Tile pressing machinery and equipment stop running to clean up the debris, the power cut off and remember not to get wet when it rains.


  1. When the machine is running every day, first check whether the line is connected to electricity, there is no non-running situation.


  1. After the cutter of the color steel tile press equipment is used once, use the oil to coat the upper and lower knives of the seam with lubricant.


  1. Before opening the tile pressing machinery and equipment, check whether there is any foreign matter between the wheels and whether the axis distance is loose.


  1. Equipment in use when running speed must be maintained at a uniform speed, not for the production of the motor to a high rotation.


  1. Tile press in the process of assembly, the staff must wear protective gloves, anti-electricity rubber shoes, to ensure operational safety.


  1. Before test run the tile press, make sure that the power supply has been cut off, so as to avoid automatic operation of the equipment after the power is turned on, resulting in accidents and injuries to staff.


  1. After the equipment is assembled, in the test run operation, the outside of the chain is strictly forbidden to have leakage, in order to avoid the chain in the drive cut strangulation.


  1. tile press in the production process is prohibited near the hydraulic shear, hand or other foreign objects into the hydraulic shear, and staff shall not be too close to the material outlet, so as not to cause unnecessary cuts.

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