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Solar Bracket Roll Forming Machine
Channel Roll Forming Machine
Electrical Distribution Enclosure Roll Forming Machine

Wide Roll Forming Machine Selection

Advanced and high-quality equipment is the best commitment to our customers. We not only manufacture standard roll forming machines and tube/pipe mill, but also design and manufacture machines according to the drawings or samples from our customers.

Our equipment includes but not limited to Roof & Wall panel Roll Forming Machine, Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine, C U Z M Purlin Roll Forming Machine, Window & Door Frame Roll Forming Machine, Roll Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine, Garage Door Guide Rail Rolling Machine, Solar Photovoltaic Support Rolling Machine, Shelf Column Roll Forming Machine, Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine, Downspout Roll Forming Machine, Gutter Roll Former, Box Profile Roll Forming Machine, Guardrail Roll Forming Machine, Double Layer Roll Forming Machine, Quick-Change Roll Forming Machine, Slitting Line, Cut To Length Line, Tube/Pile Mill and Auxiliary Equipment.

Complete quality control system and plenty of advanced inspection equipment is the most stable guarantee to our machine quality. Our company has passed iso 9001-2000 quality system certification, and in the production process, strictly in accordance with this standard. We also have plenty of advanced inspection equipment which includes Direct-reading spectrometer, Tensile Test Machine, Metallographic Test Instrument, Hardness Test Machine, UT Test Equipment, ET Test Equipment, Hydrostatic Test Equipment, etc.

Forming Machine Quality Control

In order to better control product quality and production cycle, all mechanical parts of the entire set of equipment are produced, processed and assembled in our own workshop. At present, it has been equipped with all processing equipment from material cutting, grinding machine, milling machine, to finishing, etc., which fully meet the production needs. At present, the production capacity of the workshop can reach 20 sets of cold rolling forming machines, 5-8 sets of high-frequency welded pipe equipment, 8-10 sets of steel coil longitudinal / transverse cutting processing equipment, and other auxiliary equipment as required.

1. Raw Material

2. Finished Roller Tooling

3. Parts Zone

4. Assembly & Debugging Section

5. Initial Material

6. Cutting Raw Material

7. Milling And Machining

8. Machining Center

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Factory Show

Machine Center

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