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Important factors determine Cold Roll Forming Machine Price

Roll Forming Machine Price

When buyers are going to buy Cold Roll Forming Machines, they always consider price firstly .But how do these manufacturers quotetheir products? What factors have a direct impact on machine price ?

We have been engaged in this industry for many years. Based on our understanding Cold Roll Forming machine industry, know what factors determine price machine. Today will give a brief introduction so that when buyers purchase Cold Roll Forming machines, they know how to bid to buy cost-effective products. Here 5 factores are important to price :

  • The complexity of the machine
  • The size of the customized profile
  • Automation requirement
  • Your requir workpiece accuracy and surface
  • The cost of after-sales service

1.The complexity of the machine

In other word say the complexity of the product profile you need to customize. If the profile you want to produce is more complex, so Cold Roll Forming machine is also more complex. The more roller stations need, the more produce longer need, the longer it will take to test ,the more the after-sales serice will be .

2. The size of the customized profile

mostly then Cold Roll Forming Machine needs to be customized is relatively small, roller material is small, and the entire machine will be relatively small. The steel used and all aspects The configuration will also be smaller. Machine cost is also relatively low. On the contrary, price machine will increase the cost correspondingly with the size of the profile you want to customize. mostly like that .

3. Automation requirement

Which will also increase the production cost and test time machine, and Automatic components will add to the entire automatic line will also increase, which will also increase the price of the entire machine.

4. Your requir workpiece accuracy and surface

The higher the requirements in these aspects, the higher the precision of Cold Roll Forming Machine required to produce.The more complicated it comes. For example the surface of the profile you require to be produced is very demanding, and the process of roll processing is different. The surface also needs polishing or chrome plating, which will increase the production cost.

5. The cost of after-sales service

These costs are generally considered according to the complexity of the machine. The manufacturer will calculate these cost estimates . If the machine is more difficult, the after-sales cost budgeted by the manufacturer will be higher.

All of 5 factors above will have an impact on the price of Cold Roll Forming machine. Therefore before order, you must put forward your own requirements for the above mentioned in detail with the manufacturer, so that the manufacturer can better price and provide better service.      

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