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How to adjust C/M/U profile Roll Forming Machine

CU Rolling Forming Machine
  • How to adjust basically
  • How to adjust botton side “A” side
  • How to adjust rib
  • How to adjust broadside “B” side(waist height) adjustment
  • How to adjust bottom side “A “side closes
  • How to adjust sheet straighten

1.How to adjust basically

 i. Reference point. Measure the vertical plate size with a ruler at the same end of the shaft of the first roller station. And the last roller station . Make the data the same. Then measure the size of each end of two shafts by rular . We also can make the bottom beam to the data the same.

ii. Straightening and leveling. Put thin string at each end of the first axis and the last axis . Then adjust the rest of axes to be at the same level as these two axes . Find the center between the first and last rolle station, align the center line with thin line back and forth . Adjust the other roller stations so that they are all on the same center line.

iii. Adjust gaps. Adjust the gaps between the upper and lower roller stations on each row of shafts with a feeler gauge according to the thickness of the strip to reach the required distance (the thickness of the strip is increased  by about 30%, depending on the finished product).

2.How to adjust botton side “A” side

i.Adjust standing-up roller (one pair at the front and back of the leveling shaft) to make the feeding smooth and the strip straight. The rolled strip, feed coils to the first row of shafts after leveling.After the strip is rolled over the first roller station, adjust the two rollers on the first shaft to make the rolling edge a meet the requirements (1.5-50px).

ii.Start the machine to make the strip roll over the second roller sttion, adjust the two roller station of the second roller station so that the outer edges of the two wheels coincide with the pressure of the first shaft wheel.Make sure the indentation of the two rollers is consistent.

iii.Repeat step 3 to adjust the third row of axle wheels, so that the first three wheels press side a straight.

3.How to adjust rib

Adjust the screw up and down as needed, and lift up or drop down the roller to achieve the purpose.

4.How to adjust broadside “B” side(waist height) adjustment

i.Change the spacer sleeve to adjust the fifth roller station according to the requirements to reach the required size. Pay attention to center left and right.

ii. According to the method of adjusting side a, adjust the sixth to the ninth in turn.

iii.Adjust the vertical wheel. The function of the vertical wheel is to straighten the waist height, but the left and right must be adjusted in the center, otherwise the left and right will appear the phenomenon of bending.

5.How to adjust bottom side “A “side closes

The tenth to thirteenth process is to square a side and b side, which is to shape and correct the section steel . The main attention is that the vertical wheel is centered on the left and right , and the pressure of the top wheel should be moderate. If it is too tight, the section steel will bend and the pressure will be small.Not pretty. It is mainly a matter of experience that both the section steel is beautiful and the section steel is straight.

6.How to adjust sheet straighten

If the profile steel is not well adjusted on the straight, you can use the last process to adjust the upper and lower roller station to press down to achieve . In fact adjust the last four roller sttion done well, you basically don’t need to adjust the post-leveling. The post-leveling is mainly for the first-timers prepare.

Notice :Our technical workers has basically adjusted before the machine delivery and trial already . So do not need ajust bigger when the machine reaches the purchaser’s factory ,just adjust a little accoridng to sheet . When changing the spacer and normal use, pay more attention .It is ok .We also have many C/Z Rolling Forming Machine,please check them.

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