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Ball Bearing Drawer Runners Roll Forming Machine

Drawer slide roll forming machine for forming slide profiles, including outside rail roll forming machine, middle drawer slide machine, and inner slide metal machine

  Coil weight        <2T

  Coil inner D.      (p450mm-(p530mm

  Max.Width        200mm

  Thickness                    0.4-1.6mm

  Straightener roller       7 pcs

  Power                            1.5kw

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Ball bearing drawer runner roll forming machine China manufacturer

How to making a completed set drawer runners?

Drawer slide roll forming machine

There are 3 sets roll forming machine for making drawer slide.

  • Outside rail roll forming machine
  • Middle rail roll forming machine
  • Inner rail roll forming machine

Drawer Runner Making Machine Technology

  • The main engine frame is use 100mm*80mm*3mm rectangular tube, thickness 25mm A3 carbon steel plate full welding, and then through the milling machine table of the gantry milling machine.
  • The thickness of main engine wallboard is 40mm, the wallboard bearing hole location and slide block slot adopt linear cutting integrated processing surface water mill.
  • Rolling wheel material: adopt Cr12MoV high quality mold steel
  • Heat treatment: the rolling wheel went by two times vacuum heat treatment to reach HRC=60-62℃
  • The rolling wheel processing: the roller after vacuum heat treatment, adopt Solidworks/ Mastercam integrated technology, CNC lathe precision machining, ensure that the machining accuracy of roll is within ±0.02mm.
  • The main engine rolling wheel inner hole accurate grinding, the machining accuracy is within ±0.02mm
  • The outer of main engine shaft ¢58 accurate grinding, the machining accuracy is within ±0.02mm
  • Transmission section

The engine use 5.5KW motor (voltage standard: 380V/50HZ/3Ph) one set, equip 350 reduction gears one set, drive 1.5 “12 tooth main chain drive.
The main engine adopts 6 points and 12 sprocket drive.
The machine adopts Harbin 6309 bearing.

  • Cutting off
    The cutting off section is made up of outside rail 3.0KW 30Ton four-column press machine, middle rail 2.2KW 18Ton four-column press machine, and inner rail 18 Ton four-column press machine.
    The material of cutting mold: using Cr12MoV mold steel, heat treatment, grinding machine, linear cutting finish machining
    The cutting mold treatment: after the heat treatment hardness of HRC60-62 ℃
  • Electronic control
    The electric box is the PLC artificial intelligence control electric box, need to configure the servo motor. (ordinary motor does not need PLC)
    The electric box is equipped with color touch screen, encoder and servo motor. (ordinary motor does not need touch screen and encoder)
  • The total electricity consumption is about 15KW.
  • Product guarantee period,within one year after installation and debugging, the roll wheel normal wear is guaranteed for half a year, main engine and frequency changer are guaranteed for a year, punch motor and punch are guaranteed for half a year by manufacturer. There are relay, proximity switch, and mold no guarantee, but our factory can be equipped with some molds wear parts.
  • The rolling machine length width height is: 4500 x 780 x1600. Material rack + rolling machine + aligning part + hydraulic machine punch cutting. The cover an area of is 7 m x 1 m x 1.5 m


Stainess steel drawer slide after formed profile looking

Product Features

Drawer runner making machine for making drawer/cabinet rail.

  • High technology, simple operation, durable forming line
  • Ajustable length setting.
  • PLC Constrol system

The whole line technological process: material rack—-main roll forming —-cutting off—- collecting material

The main forming frame is use 100mm*80mm*3mm rectangular tube, T. 25mm A3 carbon steel plate full welding, and process by milling machine table of the gantry milling machine.

The forming wall panel adopt 40mm thickness panel. 

Model and Meaning


Slide rail making machine for making telescopic channel 

Slide rails, also name as guide rails and telescopic channel, are fixed on the cabinet of the furniture, and the drawers or cabinet panels of the furniture are connected to the movable hardware connecting parts. The slide rails are suitable for the drawer connection of furniture such as cabinets, bathroom cabinet, furniture, briefcases and other wooden and steel drawers.

Technical Parameters

Slide rail making machine

PLC control forming line and automatic assembly line

roll rail

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