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Application of Cold Bending Steel

Railway lorries
It utilizes high-strength weathering steel and the growth of using cool flexing steel. According to international information, the railway vehicles used by the cold flexing steel has 67 kinds, each section of the vehicle consumption of 4.7 bunches, which occupies 20% of the weight of the carriage. In China, there are 18 to 20 varieties, and 1.2 loads per carriage, which represent 5.2% of the weight of the vehicle. Every automobile plant ought to expand using chilly flexing steel in the design, and make full use of the qualities of light, high and thin-walled effectiveness of cold flexing steel.

Transmission tower
It focuses on researching the use of cold bending steel instead of the typical hot-rolled angle steel, enhancing the overall performance of the tower, as well as decreasing expenses. In the high-voltage long distance transmission tower, high toughness corrosion-resistant architectural steel pipeline has been evaluating in Dalian, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai and various other places, and also the application of promo will be held quickly. Communications tower, which framework of the triangular tower made from cool bending steel is additionally being developed.

Steel sheet heap
The application of steel sheet stack is extremely usual in international countries, and also it is primarily utilized for river and seaside embankment, construction foundation and trench construction. Nevertheless, China has neither product criterion neither building specification, so it is difficult to apply the cold flexing steel, which is currently changed by hot-rolled network steel and also i-steel. Hence, the following action will be to put together building and construction requirements by the customer industry to load the void in the Chinese steel sheet stack market.

Machinery manufacturing
Cold bending steel has great market potential in the mechanical production sector, especially in auto manufacturing, however there are very few ranges created in China, as an example, Carriage board, bus keel, cars and truck windows and doors, transmission shaft, exhaust pipe, shock absorber, truck girder, and so on, along with bumper, vehicle on all sort of bends, have actually not utilized cool bending steel.

The steel framework
The steel structure is the biggest customer of chilly bending steel, its application scope is the load-bearing skeletal system of the building, the unit item steel cross-section and truss purlin, monomer parts, for instance: Truss, steel frame, wall surface structure, assistance system, staircases, keel, windows and also doors. Cold bending steel is extensively used in international building and construction market, since it is a light-weight thin-walled steel, with lightweight, high strength and also excellent efficiency, and it is also a brand-new material of high efficiency as well as economy promoted by the country. In established countries, the steel structure construction made use of in cool flexing steel represent 50% ~ 70% of the overall quantity of cool bending steel. Cold bending steel in the housing steel structure is generally utilized in 3 element: to do the skeleton of the column, monomer component as well as unit plate.

Skeletal system column
The load-bearing framework steel pipeline is the most effective column of steel structure, its variety has rounded tube: φ21.3 -610 mm, t= 1.2-1.6 mm, 82 common requirements. Square Tube: 20×20-500x500mm, t= 1.2-16mm, 101 common specifications. Rectangle-shaped tube: 30×20-600x400mm, t= 1.5-16mm, 170 typical specifications. According to the national criterion, there are 353 specifications.

Solitary element, purlin, roof covering truss these various other openings cold bending steel
The requirements of groove steel (with internal winding edge groove steel, outer winding side groove steel, unequal edge groove steel) is 20 × 10-400 × 50mm, t= 1.5-6mm, 88 basic requirements. The spec of angle steel (including unequal corners, internal coil steel) is 20×20-150x75mm, t= 1.2-6mm, 45 common specifications.The spec of I – beam (with internal winding edge, asymmetrical I-beam) is 80 × 40-250 × 75, t= 2-5mm, 23 typical requirements. According to the national criterion, cold flexing steel made use of for steel framework of the open steel has 173 specifications. In 2002, the steel quantities were 440 000 loads, which would certainly get to 105 million lots in 2005.

Unit Plates
Such as stress plate, sandwich board, composite plate, ceramic tile edge plate, bent plate, and so on. Size B=400-1000mm (non-standard size as much as 1250mm), t=0.5-23mm, Elevation H=12-75mm (non-standard elevation up to 145mm), 129 typical requirements.

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